The Art of Chiropractic

believes in the power of art to improve quality of life, and in turn, improve health.

We invite you to stop in and see our gallery, or, if you are interested in having your art displayed, contact us!  We would love to share a space with you.

About Our Current Artists


James Harold Bullman

A Western North Carolina Native, Bullman was chosen as Photographer of the Month and has won the “Best Place Award” and Best Photography of the Month.  He has also been Sixth Generations Photojournalist/Photographer Interviewer of County Commissioner Holly Jones 2013 Photojournalist/Photographer With the Democratic party 2014 Brian M. Turner State House.  Bullman has also been Fundraiser Organizer with Asheville Homeless Network.



Lina Kishko

I recently got married and moved from Massachusetts to live in northern South Carolina. I have always loved drawing and being surrounded by baby animals and nature. After making art for and planning my sister’s baby shower, I decided to stick with watercolor, for it is very relaxing and exciting to work with.I practice working with many different kinds of art medias, but right now my favorites are watercolor, nature oil painting, and pyrography wood-burning. All of these creations are inspired by children’s books, mother nature, and my surroundings.



John Almaguer

Almaguer began working in glass in 2003 and he currently is working with the medium of glass in Asheville, NC. This fire dancer creates lovely sculpture and blown forms through this substance that is much like lava. Much of Almaguer’s work is based on the experience of Mystical Union with God through his faith in Jesus Christ. John often communicates union with God and also dimensions of heaven through his glass creations. But some of his work is simply about creating beauty as he is inspired by his Creator who also creates all things that are beautiful. John has received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Glass and won awards for his work as well as displayed in galleries all over the nation. Almaguer has studied and worked with some of the best glass artists in the world. Many of these artists John worked for were from Murano,Venice where John lived and worked directly before he arrived in Asheville, NC. View his work @



Glenn King

“I am native to the Asheville NC area.  I have lived in the Appalachian Mountains all my life and have always enjoyed the beauty that these mountains have to offer.  I grew up hunting and fishing and have often entertained myself in the woods using my imagination to turn stumps into different animals like trophy bucks, bear heads, or a moose rack. Now I am making Landscape baskets full of flowers and lighting…using the natural planters that I find.  View more at



Nancy Larson

Larson is a retired scientist who has been hand-knitting her entire life.  Thirty years ago she stumbled onto an antique hand-crank sock-knitting machine in the hay mow of a Wisconsin barn and bought it on a whim… and has been combining hand- and machine-knitting ever since.  In addition to stockings, she also makes baby hats, scarves, bags, and soft toys, all of which are knitted on the machine and finished by hand.  She recently moved from Knoxville TN to Asheville where she continues to demonstrate knitting techniques and to create wearable art from yarn.



Janice Parkinson-Tucker

Janice Parkinson-Tucker, a native of Buffalo, NY, moved to Maine in 1964, and lived there until she and her husband retired to Weaverville in 2006.  Janice taught public school music for 30 years, and was a church organist and choir director for 50 years.  After retiring from school work, she founded Mrs. Bone’s Decorative Dog Collars, and sent her beautifully unique collars  out to dogs foreign and domestic.  After 12 years of sewing, night and day, she sold the business and took the position of Archivist for the Kotzschmar Memorial Organ, owned by the city of Portland, Maine.  Janice wrote four books about music in the city of Portland during 19th century.  She has been a long-time volunteer for  National Airedale Rescue, and she and her  husband live with their ninth rescue  ‘dale, Teddy Tucker II.

Now Janice has embarked on yet another adventure—she and her sister, Dottie Busch of Charleston, SC suddenly, on a whim, decided to make earrings out of a variety of nearly 40 different marbles.  You will find marbles that are luminous, opaque, Cleary and cat’s eyes.  No longer are these beautiful orbs just for children to play with—anyone can enhance their eye color or their outfit just by adding a pair of LaBelle specialities—they never fail to bring forth compliments from admirers!